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Heyo, itz meh. :3

Name: Will

Age: 13

Skin Tone: Light Brown/ Tanish

Hair: Shorter that shoulder length, and its kinda wavy. Alot of people like playing with my hair.

Hair Color: Dark Brown/ Black

Height: 5'5

Clothes: V-Necks, Skinny Jeans, Scarfs, and I wear a lot of black. Alot of people ask me if I'm emo, but I'm not. I buy a lot of my clothes or District Lines. They got some really col stuff, go check it out. :p

Music: Asking Alexandria, Kina Grannis, Mychildren Mybride, Owl City, Nickasaur!, Love, Robot, Black Veil Brides. I like Electro Pop, Singer/Songwritten Music, and Screamo.

Food: Waffles and Muffins :3

I'm unique, Im different, but I iz awesome.

I don't bite, so don't be afraid to leave a comment asking to chat or something. :)

It says this contains inappropriate content? IDK . . .