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Hello My Name is Sharktopus and Spriting has always intrested me!

I look up to kevin, Mr.Video, Labbici and many other people's sprites. Because i don't think i'm the best spriter.


My Current Prodgets are:

(And if you want to help me with them just comment!)

The Best Pack (20% done)

BiS Peach 360 turn (99% done)

BiS Rosalina (kicks, blocks, Powers) (40% done)

My Series (1% done) (oFTo Thanks to Labbici beacause i needed her shaded Mrs.Mowz sprite which gave it a 1%)Thanks Labbici oFTo!!!

And That"s pretty much it!

I have been false commented by only one person:


He's said stuff like: U R a Noob! U suck! and he even says my sprites are a failiure!!!

If u don't belive me check my flipnotes on Wisdurm!!!

Well Thats It!!!!! BYEEEEE~ SHARKTOPUS:3