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Hullo thur. ^w^ I'm DarkRose... you can call me Dark or Rose, though. I'm an Umbreon with blue rings and a blue bandanna. (I was obsessed with bandannas when I created Rose)

My characters include: Rose (Umbreon) Yuki (Umbreon) Blade (Absol) Sky (Leafeon) Blaze (Flareon) Sparx (Manectric) Rubble (Golem) Chuck (Torchic) Skittles (Skitty)

And every once and a while I'll add in my friends.

Yuki and Rose are best friends... they act like sisters. Yuki happens to have a crush on Sky, and Rose to Blade. She used to with Blaze, but he turned to the dark side.

Chuck and Skittles are the youngest recruits and like to mess around and just be... kids! I guess you could call them apprentices to Yuki and Rose, since they chose to follow in their footsteps and they'd teach them and blah, blah, blah. Chuck is silly and goofs off all of the time, while Skittles is skilled and sophisticated. (Like a turtle! XD) Chuck wants to win Skittle's heart, but never even gets close to his goal. Skittles just sticks her nose in the air and ignores his begging.

Blade, Sparx and Rubble are all part of a team that the others think are eevvillll... but they're only causing trouble. After Blade...um... leaves? (You'll figure it out later.) Sparx takes charge. She's a pure evil psychopath. And there's a childhood back-story to it... Anyway, Rubble can't take her bossiness and decides to join the others.

Well, that's all I've got. (Derp.) I hope your day is filled with pie and beanbags.