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What up all my fans sorry I can't do the vampire love no more until I find put how to fix my dsi and I made the 5th one so when I get it fixed where I can come online with my dsi I will post it.I know I made y'all wait a long time but its sad to me too I wanna post them but I can't. ;(. In the mean time thank you all my fans for making me more popular I thought id never get this good but now I can.

Most people ask me what is your real name? For all the wonderers it is Jacob.

I'm a glad christan,active,strong,fast,and fun. So that's me and if anyone has a good idea for a flipnote series I should make send me a link to one of my flipnote.

ell stay flippy to all my fans and also these are some creators you should add as your favorites.Psyko,tekky,zeke,jace/chan,bunny boo,and most of all anyone.

Those are the people I might add to my next series when I can get on my flipnote on dsi so keep checking in for contest,series,and new flips.

Bya,Darkvoid or Jt