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Hi,my name is Demon-wolf(real name Holly)and my best friends are:(yes best friends not hentena friends because my friends laughed at me for being upset about El Diabla leaving)

Boss[i.d Boss1995]

El Diabla[i.d EL-Diabla]

Favorite creators:

LakeEffect[i.d LakeEffectkid]


EL Diabla

sphaxy[sorry forgot this creators i.d]

CiLundi[The one that does imaginary friend]

and lots more!

I live in England,Northumberland,Wooler.My grandad works at Yellowstone park!Thats the origins of my obsession with wolves XD,also I've seen the Aspen wolf pack hunt!From a considerable distance that is,it was...EPIC!like Bosses drawings because everyone has to agree that her drawings are EPIC!ok,bye,I've had enough of typing now!