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Sometimes it really pays off to read these,y'know.

Me and Satou A,two sides to the same coin.This gurl right here will always hold a special place in my heart~Love you.

I'm now Feliciano(North Italy) of the Vargas bros,ve!(w/ Snugworth)


Age:17~ Im old :)

Gender(yes,i know xD):Male

Birth:JANUARY 11th

got it memorized?//shot

Height: 5'8" ;w;

The little things i like:

Reading,hugs,talking,smiling,waving,food,church,family,silly things with friends,giggling(ohgoosh,i giggle ;A; unintentionaly xD),nature,doodles,pokemon,hearing peoples thoughts(in which i mean,when people vocally express themselves.I cant read minds silly),colors,clothes(not fashion,just clothes xD)

The little things i dont like:

Being touched,rude people;and sometimes just people in general,rude opinions,the word "sorry"(it's overused,and mocked),fighting,being in weird situations,childish people.

I love making new friends!And by friend,i mean that i wont have to worry about you running behind my back and spreading lies like a fire.Cuz let me tell you my "friend",you'll burn along with the lies.What comes around,goes around is a beautiful saying,because it's true in so very many ways.

So hi,if you've made it this far!I'm Deion;pronounced Dee-on(as long as you dont pronounce on like own xD),a 17 year old open-minded individual.I hope to make many friends in life,and many more wonderful memories.I enjoy listening to others more than talking to them- prolly cuz i get embarassed really easy!I can be very...blunt at times.

I'm a nerddd.I play video games alot,draw,doodle(didnt you know they were 2 very diffrent things?heh),and reading;ALOT.

I especially love Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts ;w; (RIKUUUUU)

Oh yeah,if ya' want,we can battle sometime!Please,just ask for my fc(friend code),or go to my fc flip!

I dont really know what else to put,so i'll leave it at that!I'll add stuff here and there~

Bye bye!>:D

~When it rains,it pours~






1/11/95 xD

Blood type

0+ i think?wtf xD


i have no job ;A;


Drawing,Writing,Dancing xD,Going to the park yo!