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Random, unique, artistic, musical,

energetic, photogenic…

Sister of young Peter, a stepdaughter, and a daughter to both

my mother, and biological father

Who has a sweet tooth for candy, chocolate and Peanut butter,

and ice cream, who loves the Beatles, abstract art, and

photography, who loves the rain, old-fashioned cars,

and who obsessively likes pie…

Who as a Cancer holds things in,

and feels that judgment is wrong, who believes in other things people don’t think are important, and can be persistent

and determined when mind is set on something…

Who fears the dark, fears the judgmental voices inside the

mind, and fears that everything the world thought was

real, is really just a lie

Has found a place where I belong, understanding how life works,

though is still curious about the feelings and expressions of


Who longs the dream of being accepted into JUILLIARD, and is

determined to graduate, and become famous…

Born in New York,

now in Rhode Island



If you were killed, I wouldn't go to your funeral . I'd be in jail for killing the idiot that killed you. We are true hommies we stay together and we die together. Send this to everyone you care about including me if u care and see how many u get back...if u get 18 back ......you're a......true............frend :D