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Hey Hatena! I'm TrickyDude. My ID is DiddyK. I'm a very big fan of Diddy Kong. xD

I like making flipnotes, and I stink at doodling, (sort of. LOL) but I'd like to get better. My most popular flipnote has 17,000 stars! =D I have 25 fans,and I just basically like to have fun, look at everyone else's flips, and make my own flips! =D


~Flipnotes in Progress~

1) Basketball Fails 2 (0% complete)

2) Patrick Sparta Remix (65% complete)




12/19 -- Made this update corner thingie! LOL

Planning to make a new series, just thinking of ideas as of now. Look out for it!

Happy Holidays!

12/24 -- Merry Christmas Eve~~

I'm now really trying hard to doodle with epicness. > Decided not to do a series. Oh well. :o Happy Holidays, once again! ;) 12/27 -- I'm going to my mom's friend's house with my family, so I'll probably have time to work on my flipnotes. :D Christmas was great for me! I got alot of things that I wanted, and my family liked their gifts also. Now to wait for New Years. O: 12/29 -- Finished every flip I wanted to finish except one, so... WOO :D 2010: 1/7 -- HAPPY (LATE) NEW YEAR! =D Sorry it's late. D: I made a new flip called "Tricky's Arcade" and I hope it gets lotsa stars! :D Which reminds me, I really need to do Basketball Fails 2 sooner or later. >< Well, cya later! =D 2/5 -- Hey! I haven't wrote in a while. Only like, 5 people are gonna read this though. Maybe less. I don't have many fans. > I just wanted to let you know that my rank in staying in the 3000's. (well, for 2 days.) I just feel like writing. Okay bye. :3 11/1 -- LOL I've been gone for so long! I'm back and ready to post moar flips. I'm hoping to become more popular, too :3 ------------------- ~Goals~ What I have (AS OF 11/1/10): Flipnotes: 18 Views: 5,944 Stars: 67,994 Comments: 102 Creators Ranking: 16,439 <-- EPIC FAIL Fans: 26 What I want to have: Flipnotes: 30+ Views: 10,000+ Stars: 100,000+ Comments: 200+ Creator Ranking: 1-999. Hatena's ranking system is weird. > Fans: 100+ (Lol, impossibleness.) ~Goals Completed~ 1) Get 10 Flipnotes. 2) Get over 1,000 views. 3) Get over 20,000 total stars. 4) Get over 10,000 on one flipnote. (THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS BEEN POSSIBLE o_o) 5) Get over 50,000 total stars. 6) Get over 3,000 views. 7) Get over 5,000 views. 8) Get over 100 comments. ------------------- ~Questions, Comments, etc~ www.YouTube.com/FlipnoteTricky PM me or leave a comment, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :3 ------------------- Well, thanks for reading! C: