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My name is ~Pinefoot, you can just call me ~Leopardstar058 though, because that's my deviantArt name. Pinefoot and Graywhisker are my characters are. Here are their descriptions;

Pinefoot is a small, reddish-ginger she-cat with 'M'-shaped markings on her forehead and cheeks, with small white paws, a white chest, white muzzle, brindle-striped legs and tail, and blue eyes. Pinefoot is Graywhisker's mate, therefore. She is currently a warrior in MossClan

Graywhisker is a gray tom with a white spot around his right eyes, a tipped tail, a white chest and underbelly, white paws, and amber eyes. Currently the new deputy of MossClan.

If you have any questions, I'll soon be posting another flipnote for questions to be asked. After it is posted, please keep all questions to the flipnote, questions not mentioned or wrote in the comments area of that flipnote will NOT be answered.

I'm also on deviantART. Here's my link

Pinefoot and Graywhisker do NOT belong on deviantART, they only serve their purpose on Flipnot Hatena and Flipnote Hatena only.

Requests are open if you ask.