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UPDATED:March 8, 2012

Haii I'm DontStopRunning!A.K.A. InvaderXia or Ellen.I'm 11 & My favorite colors are white,blue,black,silver,grey,purple,pink,AND RAINBOW.My favorite music and songs are by Journey,Michael Jackson,The Ready Set, Maroon 5, Lily Allen and OWL CITY.I have two brothers who can't wait to get hatena accounts if they do DON'T BE MEAN TO THEM OR WE WILL ALL BLOCK YOU!!!I have had 3 names one was Snoopy before I had a hatena then I changed it to DSR I was persuaded to change it to InvaderXia but I changed it back PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHY!!!I have four mlp characters and 8-9 IZ characters I do not post much because I can't bring my DSi to my dad's house and I'm there all weekdays MOST weekends I can be found chatting or making flips and junk but not very frequently.If you are being mean to me or someone else I WILL BLOCK YOU!I might show my flying wolves but I don't know 5 were created by my friend Tommy McDonald representing us and three other friends they also have our names haha...I have a NEW youtube and an old youtube I'd rather not share the old one but I will tell you the new one is RainingStars DO NOT TAKE ITS NAME FOR ANYTHING OR I WILL BLOCK/REPORT YOU the reason why is because that's the name of my band!!!!!!!!!I have a facebook tell me if you want to add me because I'll make a different one for all my hatena and internet friends to add me on and then I'll have my normal one.I'm on maplestory in Nova as InvaderSquee a pirate/thief or in Dementhos as Ayapanta a blaze wizard...Well, that's it I quess baii!!

BY THE WAY I love when people try and rick roll me. Jokes on them i love that song to 2012 artist WHY YOU NO MAKE AWESOME SONG LIKE THAT ANYMORE ಠ益ಠ