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most of my friends are younger than me , so to the few that do this, quit acting like you know everything. you dont. quit telling me what to do. you're not my mom. quit making hatena a drudgery for me. it's my happy place were i can be and do anything i want. this is why i like my few close older friends better. -_- everything was so much better when Blue Kat, Kiyuki, Cero, and Audeo where my world here. im not saying i dont like you others, but i knew them the longest therefore they are the closest.

just to let you freaks know- you get me upset, hurt, sad, whatever, i'm blocking you friend or not and you going thru another person to apologize isn't gonna work. you'll still be blocked. i wont even tell or give you a warning, it'll just happen. another thing, STAY OUTTA MY FREAKING BUSINESS. ppl here are so immature >:/


UPDATE- i will no longer be using the drawings you guys give me as icons, but i will finish the list i already have -3-. i just have too many ppl doing it and i would like to use my own sometimes. i will only use yours if i ask you to draw me one, if i didnt ask then im just going to add stars(100-200) just post to my channel.


( -.-)

o_(")(") GTG knows wabbits

Boys say that in everything they do, they can kick a girl's butt so bad that they cry. If you're a girl who kicks the boys' butts so bad they cry like girls, copy this into your profile. (I don't kick just the butts...)

I'm Dragonfly719 but friends usually call me DF or Dragon. I'm 15 years old and my Birthday is June 21. Eclipse the white ringed umbreon with a scarf is my O.C., but people call her Dragonfly too. My first friend here on hatena was Audeo (id:realAUDEO).


Name- Eclipse

Species- Umbreon

Gender- Female

Accessories- White Scarf

Moves & Level- Lv.60: Zap Cannon, Moonlight, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Quick Attack, Shadow ball.

Bio- ~Broke up with Axel~ People normally call her Dragonfly. She usually is quite and calm, but can be random and hyper. Likes to explore and wander around. Better at dodging and defence in battle, but working on attack strategies which can be shown in the attacks of her move set. Although Eclipse's rings are white, they have a faint blue coloring when glowing. Younger sister is Silver the Glaceon.

Name- Silver

Species- Glaceon

Gender- Female

Accessories- None

Moves & Level- Lv.37: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Dig, Frost Breath.

Bio- Currently in a relationship with Cero's O.C. (Cero- red lucario with no spikes). Silver is a shiny Glaceon and she has a somewhat different pattern at the ends of her long side bangs. She is optimistic and usually always happy, but can be shy at meeting new people just as her sister Eclipse is. Silver isn't very good at battling; She tends to attack first and think later which throws off defense and aim.

Name- Scarlett

Species- Ninetales

Gender- Female

Accessories- None

Moves & Level- Lv.49: Solarbeam, Flame Charge, Energy Ball, Hypnosis, Extrasensory, Flamethrower.

Bio- Currently in a relationship with Crimson the Houndoom. Scarlett is mostly shy and cautious around others. She usually sticks around her Bf Crimson. Scarlett does well in battle, but won't unless needed. She prefers to battle with Crimson and they work together with their attacks. She can be optimistic, but is usually struck with doubt. (best way to describe her- Fluttershy from MLP)

Name- Amulet

Species- Meowth

Gender- Female

Accessories- collar

Moves & Level- Lv.35: Night Slash, Attract, Thunderbolt, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail, Dig.

Bio- No current relationship. Amulet is a sneaky thief. She mostly steals from the boys after she captivates them with her Attract. She is revengeful and willing to get her paws dirty. "I get what i want when i want it'. (best way to describe her- Rouge the bat from sonic X)

Name- Azalea

Species- Leafeon

Gender- Female

Accessories- None

Moves & Level- Lv. 45: Leaf Blade, Grass Whistle, Synthesis, Aerial Ace, Echoed Voice, X-Scissor.

Bio- No current relationship. Azalea, unlike most leafeon, has red streaks coming from her leaves on her ears, neck and forehead. She is very patient and likes to be alone. Azalea is strong in battle, but prefers not to be involved unless necessary.

Name- Zealous

Species- Raichu

Gender- Female

Accessories- Black Cowboy hat and red bandana

Moves & Level- Lv.40: Brick Break, Hyper Beam, Thunder, Double Team, Wild Charge, Flash.

Bio- No current relationship. Zealous, or Zeal, has black coloring in the places a normal raichu is brown. Her electric sacks on her cheeks are also black. She is willing to take risks and has a short temper. Zealous will battle whether it be necessary or not.

Name- Crimson

Species- Houndoom

Gender- Male

Accessories- None

Moves & Level- Lv.65: Thunder Fang, Sunny Day, Over Heat, Giga impact, Dream Eater, Sludge Bomb.

Bio- Currently in a relationship with Scarlett the Ninetales. Crimson loves to battle. When battling alongside Scarlett, he will use his sunny day to power up both their fire type moves and also Scarlett's Solarbeam attack and as Scarlett uses her hypnosis to cast the opponent to sleep, Crimson will use Dream Eater to gain back some health while also damaging the opponent. Crimson enjoys to sing and likes to tease Scarlett to make her blush.

Name- Drew

Species- Flygon

Gender- Male

Accessories- None

Moves & Level- Lv.75: Earthquake, Solarbeam, Draco Meteor, Fly, Flamethrower, Protect.

Bio- No current relationship. Yes, he's the same one from the Reborn series. Idek why i called him Drew, guess it was the first thing i thought of then. Somebody help me with a decent name. Drew is a red flygon and idk i'll think of something for him.

Name- GTG (id:GTG-SJD)

Species- Blaziken

Gender- Male

Accessories- Sunglasses

Moves & Level- Lv.80: (i changed it, Marine. this gives you a better advantage in battle) Blaze Kick, Brave Bird, Sky Uppercut, Solarbeam, Earthquake, Flamethrower.

Bio- Eclipse's bf. um GTG has an account now so ask him.

Name- Sillo

Species- Racbreon (Raccoon Umbreon)

Gender- Female

Accessories- None

Moves & Level- Lv. 34 Night Slash, Echoed Voice, Protect, Night Daze, Sucker Punch, Icy Wind.