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HI!!! Have a lot of characters so it may be hard to keep up...it won't be a surprise if you ask who someone is. I have some new characters too! Here is my list of characters!


TYPE: White wolf

AGE: 13

POWER: Controls wind, can comunicate with spirits

WEAPON: Fist...

RELATION: Dating(Xavious)

BIO: Watched her parents burn to death in a fire when nine. Meet Sandy and Zel when five. Sister of Zyron.

  • Xavious Force

TYPE: Angel-tiger

AGE: 16

POWER: -none-


RELATION: Dating(Spirit)

BIO: Twin brother of Gale(Zel owns). Mother is an angel white-tiger. Father in a tiger-d3mon.

TYPE: Human/Kitty!

AGE: 13

POWER: Can draw?

WEAPON: -none-

RELATION: Single...

BIO: Me! The creator! (Yes, you can call me Anna Kitty...)

  • Gladus Force

TYPE: D3mon-Tiger

AGE: 11

POWER: Evilness?

WEAPON: Robots

RELATION: None...do you want to go out withan evil 11-year-old?

BIO: Sister of Gale and Xavious. Evil...lives with her dad in H3ll...

  • Zyron Fledge

[*I dont own him! He is my brothers character!!!*]

TYPE: Grey wolf

AGE: 10

POWER: Controls water

WEAPON: Battle ax, gun, and a sword

RELATION: None! He's just 10!

BIO: Watched his parents burn to death when 6. Badly injured in the fire. Now has a robotic arm. Brother of Spirit.

  • Sinora Gails

TYPE: Angel fox-bat

AGE: 15

POWER: -none-


RELATION: -none-

BIO: Both Mom and Dad are d3mons. Grandmother was an angel. Abused by Dad. Can litterally see love (when some one is loved she can see it in the air).


AGE: 16

POWER: -none-

WEAPON: -none-

RELATION: -none-

BIO: Is a 'guild'. Has a map of EVERYTHING. Trying to find his grandpas island (Iternal Island). Likes Spirit.


About me:

Hi! I'm AnnaKitty! SPADE IS NOT MY CHARACTERS NAME! Spade is only my screen name. Anyway, Zel Rose is my buddy! LOL, I should say Sandy. So, on Hatena my one saying is, "If you're my fan, you're my friend!" Remember it... otherwise, I'm 13 and love my best buddys; Zel, Myrikay, Dan, Exorcist, Scribblez, and MANY MORE! I don't want to quit so don't make me! I guess thats all you need to know. BAI!!!!!