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Just for the record:

Name: Andrew

Age: 13

Birthday: Sometime in Janurary

Gender: Boy

Favorite Finger: Pinky :P

Favotite Pie: Cherry

Favorite Time: Sing-Song Time XD

Favorite Color: Yellow

Things that kinda bother me: The fear of haters and telling people to watch my flipnotes and wondering if they find it annoying when this happens(note: if you dont like it when i tell you to watch my flipnotes, tell me in some way so i dont make this mistake again.)

People who are my hatena friends:

Ememer$ (id:EmeraldX)

Moonlight (id:RayRay26)

Moontine (id:alejandra101)

People that are friendly that i know and i guess were friends:

Silver (id:deadrose)

Rulcario (id:luis-xochipa)

I finnaly made a DeviantArt account, heres a link:


I am still active on making flipnotes and I am making bunches of my own comics series and loop animations.

Here are the list of comic series:


Description: A story of a dragon named Gold who goes through many life stories with his friends.

Kirby's New Adventure

Description: A story that happened a long time ago before Kirby left his home. Back on his home planet, the King of Dasca ordered Anthony the Dark Knight to steal the Staff of Ifrit in the Silaska, home of the Angel Mages. Anthony felt a some sorrow as he tried to take the staff from his friend Diana, the protector of the staff and his friend. Anthony had to do what the king told him because Anthony didnt know about the king's evil plot. How will Anthony figure out the kings plot?

Good Character: Name-Job-Boy/Girl

Anthony-Dark Knight early in the story/Light Knight later-Boy

Asura-Blade Master-Boy

Desuka-Black Mage-Boy

Sakara-White Mage and Princess-Girl

Baton-Dragon Knight-Boy

Mayala-Ray Gunslinger-Girl


Diana-Angel Mage-Girl

Smithy-Shadow Mage-Boy

Chanh-Dragon Master-Boy

A Group of Friends from Down the Block...

Description: A group of friends do many things like, prank calls (not real), make poorly rehearsed acts (already porrly rehursed because this is not my best creation), and do things that you would see in a sitcom.

Megaman Stellardragon: Dragora's Comet

Description: A story related to the Megaman Starforce game but the story takes place in modern time. (*note* Megaman Starforce takes place in 22 century.) It's a similar story to Megaman Starforce. A 5th grade boy's dad went into space and dissapeared mysteriously and three years later the boy got a Visualizer. He meets an EM-alien that is a fugitive from his own planet for stealing the Andromeda Key. He teams up with the boy to protect the Andromeda Key. Evil EM-aliens take over a humans body and EM-Wave Changes with the human. Instead of the boy being named Geo Stelar, the boy in my story is named Sutomu Ryu-za. That kind of wraps up the description. I feel determined to launch this flipnote series when I become a Hatena Citizen but I am working on the first few flipnotes. But I will list the names of the characters:

Key: Character-EM-alien-EM-Wave Change Form-Good/BadGuy

Sutomu Ryu-za-DragonRaider-StormRaider-Good

Jasumine Kori-Leviathan-LeviathanWave-Good later in the story

Honoo Ken-Wyvern-WyvernInferno-Good

Osutin Kubi Sato-Libra-LibraBrawler-Good

Azaria Shuriken-Shuriken-FloraShuriken-Good

Uiriamu Piasu-Scorpius-ScorpiusPincer-Good and Bad

Tsuki Taiyo-Dyna-DynaTwister-Good

Geiru Uingu-Golem-SilverGolem-Bad

Dan Bureku-Magmus-MagmusKnight-Bad

Iraiza Yosshi-Aquairus-AquairusTsunami-Good and Bad

Edowado Rando-Eclipse-EclipseMarksman-Bad

Hoittoni Satara-Virgo-VirgoMage-Bad

Marun Uon-Ryukien-DragoonDancer-Good later in the story

My Life As A Teenage Kirby

Description: My life but in a kirby form and clean.

Comics Coming Soon:

Maxwell's Character Interview

Description: Maxwell tries to interview characters people make in flipnotes, but he need the creators of the characters to give him facts about their character.


Description: A story of a Pikachu named Lucky will discover her talents that she never knew she had. Her friends Precious the Mew, Nasty the Grovyle, and Strong the Blaziken help her discover her talents. But her rival Beauty the Jigglypuff and her group try to sabatoge Lucky's chances of discovering her talents. I hope Lucky finds out her talent.

Kerbie: Kirby's Little Sister

Description: Kerbie wants to be like her older brother, so she tries to do everything Kirby does.

Loop Animations Coming Soon:

Autum Wind Blowing Leaves

A Life Cycle of a Flower