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Hello To get me started in this epic realm of Hatena lets talk about what i am (or who i am in person)

I am 12 years old living in the state of California(city not provided lolz)

I first got my Dsi on Christmas as a gift

I have 2 brothers their names are Josh and Jarrod

I would like to be a filmer or baseball player.

Now to the world of the epicness i would like to express the feelings inside of me in my flips, you see i just started flipnoting 2 months ago studying the works of art, as known as BOSS, 100%, and Gizmo. from what i heard from me friends is that they are really awesome flippers :D.

But i wanna be different from them i want to take all their videos and combine them into one series which i drew pictures of them on pieces of paper

Over all i would like to make my viewers happy by asking them what they would like me to post so go ahead im making a chat room where you(my viewers) can tell me what u like.

~Thanx Justin (also known as Noodles)