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I'm A dude who almost has 100 fans! I'm 11 years old and my name is Bryce. I live in Springfield, MO. I have 6 sisters, but 0 BROS! Bye bye brotherly love. I am known if known at all for making flips with stick figures. and I am the ClAsS ClOwN at school. and theres some rumor going around saying i'm from an unknown planet called NorkNor. And my NorkNor name was Fouch (FOO-sh). I don't know where the Garf you got that from, LUCAS!!! Oh well, My goal is:

10 different Country's adding stars to me (DONE)

1,000,000 Stars

1,000 Green Stars

100 Red Stars

10 Blue Stars

1 Purple Star

100 fans

Bronze Citizen (Done)

2,000 Starred Flipnotes (Done)


200 Flipnotes Posted

After I accomplish each goal i will put done next to it.

Seeya In an update!

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