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This be my profile. Now view it! If I were you, I would go straight to the bottom of my page

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This be my profile. Now view it! If I were you, I would go straight to the bottom of my page

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I'M BACK!!! WOOT WOOT!! Mmmkay, super short bio of meh self:

I'll actually type a real bio when I'm not lazy... pfft like that will happen, I'm always lazy, what?

Remember, I love every single comment, star, favorite, it all counts! I love you, all my fan and friends~ <3 (I'll do my best to respond to your comments^^)

//August 8 I'll be gone for a week or so... going to my cousin's house so I wont be on.. sorry// ~Emily

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Emily you'll never know the rest...


Lady, girl, female, I think you get the picture




June 10, 1997

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Food? lol wut?


Home schooled and proud of it!^-^

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My house, duh!

Place of birth

Kings Daughters Medical Center


Drawing, painting, video games and cooking

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Organizing by color, size and shape. pfft wut!?


English, tid bit of Italian and Spanish...er- well not enough to say I speak those languages- I mean, I can speak English just fine but- ugh you get the picture...-3-

Portal 2 quote

(GLaDOS) THIS! SENTENCES! IS! FALSE! don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it.(Wheatley) Hmm I'm gonna say true!(GLaDOS) It's a paradox! There's IS no answer! (Wheatley) Nope false defiantly false. (GLaDOS) Moron!

Lackadaisy comics

(Rocky) UUGghhh...Whaddid we do last night? Where are we? Are we still in Texas? (band member 1) Louisiana...(Zib) What's th--Who smeared lipstick all over my face? (Mitzi) You did. (band member 2) Where's the rest of my trombone? (band member 3) Check the fountain... -Lackadaisy jazz band

Kid Icarus: Upraising quote

Who has two thumbs and loves hot springs? EVERYONE WITH TWO THUMBS!! -Pit

looney Toon's Show quote

Every time I try to carry my own weight, I always take every thing down with me! -Daffy