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When We Were Younger, I would always Take Your Breath Away. Now that you're older, you're the kinda guy who leaves Jaws On The Floor. But the Dilemma is, youre Hard To Swallow. I need Liquid Confidence just to tell you I love you. Because No-one Does It Better Than You Do. We have Contagious Chemistry that makes Fireworks. So maybe we should Save It For The Bedroom. But Time Is Money. It's a Little Bit Of Truth, so you should Stay With Me...

So, hey ;D Heres some basics on moii^^

Name: Elli:D

D/O/B : 15th of Sept (HECK TO THE YEAH)

Status: Takenn :D (in real, not hatena dating .-.)

I love Josh Franceschi, Alex Gaskarth and Jared Leto ;)

I'm old enough to know better, but to young to care...;D

You Me At Six is the only reason I'm still here :')

"Life's greatest tragedy is not it will someday end, but we only live to follow directions and sometimes we end up totally lost."