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I'm a HUUUGE animal lover, and I draw every day. I mainly watch anime, cartoons, and flipnotes. I have... Probably over 296 characters XD! I am loyal, determined, and EXTREMELY competitve. I love Eddsworld, SplashKittyArtist, BaniTheKitty... And that's pretty much it. I make many flips, but most of them are not good enough to upload.... Oh, and I love the show Soul Eater :)OKAY more crud about me. I'm super picky. I only like about 50 foods, and my favorite food is fries. I believe in creatures. Ex: Werewolves, vampires, zombies, mummies etc. I also believe in God. My worst fear is a zompie apocalypse, and also zombies in general. My best dream is for me to be in in Soul Eater, and I would be a scythe. I often joke around, and I am right handed. I have been drawing ever since I picked up... I think a marker. I am a mlp fan, and ALL of the ponies are my favorites. I play minecraft, my 3ds, Sonic, Bolt, Mario, and of course, Hatena. My favorite creator ever is MinionWolf. I am a girl, and I LOVE SCIENCE. My first name is Kelsey, which in Gaelic means treasure of life, and in Irish means brave. I am from mostly Europe, and I play the drums. Well, sometimes I do. My older brother is teaching me to play the drums, but I may get drum lessons. Right now, I am bored as crud, I have absolutley, positivley, NOTHING to do. Well, I guess I'll go and make myself a sandwich. :3 Bye!