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ALERT- sorry I havent been on. School, friends, n life are really busy at the moment. I'll try n finish a couple flips n get bak 2 my friendz soon!!!

Im a boy. Im 14 in 8th grade. i live in new jeresey. I like 2 draw wolves, pokemon, and randomness stuff.

So yeah.....

W00T stars from greece xD thanks person who i talked to (4get ur name im such a fail)

sooo wut do write.... friends?




King Yoshi


Anne Fiore



Sooo... I wuz workin on some short flips but... I'll do em after chptr 2 (cuz thingwere failing)


Q- Are you really greek?

A- NOT TRUELY (cuz my parents r jewish n christian) but i do believe in it like ancient greek history and orthodoxy

Q- Wutz ur real name?

A- Will (William) -_- <-nerd lol<-

Q- Are you in lover with Silverwolf and/or Silverasu

A- NO Silverasu, we just talk n hang alot xD (plus we liv rly close by) Silverwolf wants 2 kill meh lol

Q- Wen is your series gonna take off?

Wen I finish it after i have all my ideas n I have all the ppl who wanna be in

Q- Why did u kindo stop with feeling and BOTP?

A- cuz i got bored n lazy lol