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Hey everybody!

Tianna here~

I love manga and anime c; I'm more of a manga person , though. I love Shojo manga c: First manga I read was Fruits Basket.....

Yeah ok, Girls Bravo..... TROLOLOLOLOLOL.

Soul Eater. Death the Kid.

Nabari no Ou........... Yoite..........

People always pronounce Yoite wrong. It's not Yo-Ite -.-

I don't like when the girls cry on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. OR. EVERY. SINGLE. CHAPTER. No , just no. I can't deal with that. I mean, yeah, cry once in a while but not EVERY FREAKING TIME. -.- And over the simplest things..... I don't know, it just annoys me. Wow, I'm talking about this way too much. xD

Music. Pierce The Veil. Kellin Quinn. Byeeeee c;