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Hey, everyone! I'm MamaFudge and I love drawing, NOT getting stars! Yes, being recongnized for my work is very satisfying, but I want it to be in the RIGHT way, so please no stealing flipnotes (even with just adding "credit to original")!! :( I'm a boisterous, oreo loving girl who just wants to have a good time, so please don't make anything harder than it needs to be. I love video games- I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (7), Soul Calibur, Resident Evil, Super Smash Bros., DBZ, and Call of Duty: World at War (and ONLY World at War). I love rock music, especially alternative (pop is ok, soul is cool, autotune can kiss my $!#@, and I don't really like country)I don't add stars to my own flipnotes. Nope, don't get offended, but I think that's kind of pathetic. Since when did being popular become more important than making flips for enjoyment? If I make a spinoff, it will because of soundtrack (I can't get very good audio on my dsi), me filling out a meme/quiz, a contest entry, or possibily a gift/new icon from someone else, but NEVER to take credit for someone else's hard work.

I love every single one of my friends. They are epic sauce. No really, but you guys are great. Keep being awesome! :)

Love to Brawl anytime! Send me your firend code if you wanna. I also have a Mario Kart Wii one, and a 3DS one.

Random Fact Time!

1. I've had a kidneystone (It hurts..A LOT)

2. My birthday is July 7 or 7/7 (yesh 7 is my favorite number :3)

3. I've been to 7 different countries besides the U.S. (Canada, U.K., Greece, Netherlands or Holland, Italy, Egypt, Eritrea) I WILL VISIT JAPAN SOMEDAY!!! Like when I'm 23...>.>

4. I can wiggle my little toe without wiggling any other of my toes.

5. I'm Catholic. Problem? >:D

You seriously want to find me on other sites? XD Well here you go...

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyTeeHee798?feature=mhee

DeviantART (I have nothing posted though): http://laughingvariety798.deviantart.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/ellenal.yohannes

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