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Name: Marjorie (people call me Marjie or MJ for short sometimes)

Age: 12 (going into 7th grade)

D.o.b: November 15, 1999

Gender: Girl

Hight: 5ft,7in (I'ma tall girl)

Favorite Color: Black, Neon Green, or Purple

A little about me: I am hyper most of the time, I am a tomboy , I make tons of characters (so if you need one just ask me), I will always be happy to help a friend and not to add love to make new friends, I taught myself how to draw (so ya a self taught artist), I look like I could be 14 or 15, Also once I put my mind to something I will not stop, I HATE stealers, copyers, false reporters, ext. , I hate reading, I got purple highlights(yay!). And Haley I hate it When you threten to Quit if your reading dis cause, it makes meh feel sad o^o

Status: Eh Like Life & I am bored

The sonic couples I like-

1. Sonamy (sonic + amy)

2. Shadouge (shadow + Rouge)

3. Silvaze (silver + Blaze)

My Sonic Couples-

1. Blastance (Constance & Blast)

2. Burnis (Burn & Isis)

3. Toriagon (Tori & Eragon)

4. Platachel (Platunim & Rachel)

5. Jagoxxy(Jagger & Roxxy)

6. Jedawken (Jed & Awaken)

7. Orion & Seceillia (IDK how to put it together)

8. Dagger & Illusions( IDK eAe)

9.Spearturnity (Spear & Eternuity)

10. Murduarey (Murder & Febuary)

11. Strourney (Streak & Journey)

12. MidJett (Midnight & Jett)

13. Tetra & Jackson (IDK eAe)

14. Mocha & Spike (IDK eAe)

15. Cydriane(Adriane(aka Lone) & Cyber)

16. Infinity & Chinokk(Sorry I think I spelled his name wronge D:)

17. Catcher & Toxic? (IDK oAo'')

And meh Joke Couple X'D Avalon & Rider (Disclaimer: NOT A REAL COUPLE)

. . . Long story >FT<


Rider: >:U

I am SUPER sorry if I forget any, just tell me and I'll fix it right away.

Sonic O.C.s- Names:

Venice The Hedgehog

Spear the hedgehog/wolf/vampire/Demond/robot

Glitch the fallen wolf

Isis the cat/demond/angle/shapeshifter

Journey the cat/shapeshifter

Cyclone (constance) the cat/angle

Blade the cat/hedgehog/vampire/devil

Aero the hedgehog

Zombie the infected zombie/wolf

Gwyx the dragon

Leviathan(Levi) the experement wolf

Katarina (Kat) the Cat

Roxxy the hedgie/wolf

Jett the wolf/vampire

Seven the wolf

Platunim the hedgie

Orion the hedgie

Tetra the blind Demond Wolf

Skyder the hedgie

Byron the hedgie

Galaxy the Wolf

Acid the bat

Toxic the bat

Jasper the hedgie

Jordon the panda

Infinity the cat

Quinn the butterfly

Mocha the wolf

Syl the Wolf

Kurai-gawa the cat

Kakushi the cat

Directions the cat/demond

Revenge the Wolf

Pistol the hedgehog

Creature the Wolf

Murder the Wolf/hedgie

Reserection Anti-Isis

Vegas Anti-Cyclone

Lone the wolf

Evanescences the wolf

Raven the dingo (kind of wild dog)

Eragon the hedgehog

Magumi the hedgehog

Discorvery the shapeshifter/cat

Explorer the cat/angle

Mika the raccoon

Rider the wolf/fire demond

Mega the fox

Marjorie the hedgehog (lolz)

Swords the hedgehog

Bast the hidden cat/shapeshifter

Nightcore the cat/shapeshifter

Iron the hedgehog

Ranger the hedgehog/wolf

Syrus the hedgehog/wolf

Shadlyn the hidden hedgehog

Paralyze the vampire/hedgie

Jinx the wolf

Lynx the lynx(lol)

Cyan the Cat/angle

Genisis the 2 tailed wolf/soul reaper

Gale the 2 tailed wolf

Checkers the hedgehog

Rumor the hedgie/vampire

Illusions the illusionist wolf

Stereo the buutterfly/wolf/fire demon

Nyania the wolf/Fire demon

Hunter the wolf

Redir, Rider's anti

Enolcycx, Cyclone's (2nd)anti

Anchor the White Wolf

Catcher the hedgie

Glide The floating Wolf

Barrier The Hedgie

Sky the Neko

Dawn The light (Wolf)

Dusk The dark (wolf)

Amesu the cat

Clair The d3@d seeing weasel

Anna the diecised

Snow the Diesiced

Avalon The Cat/ unknown

volume the musical mer-cat

Voodoo the haunted - d3@d

Slayer The k!ll3r wolf

I probubly forgot like 10 o.c's but who can blame me I got to many XD

Adventure Time Style O.C.s

Constalations The human

Manzana ta Apple

Now My 5 (I know Alot But I wove dem) main Sonic O.C.'s

1. Name: Cyclone or Constance

Nicknames: Cy, C.Y. (That is what I call her when I write "Cy")

Species: Cat/angle

Age: Doesnt age she is 18 but if she aged she would be 23

Gender: Girl

Relationship: Madly in love withg Blast(Haley's O.C.) (Married. Blastance.)

Personality/Attitude: Stronge, Fistey, Careing, Loveable, Romantic, Her mortal enemy is Mephlies the dark(not to add one of my Fav. Characters), but Aero(Ex. BF/Ex. enemy) has given up on her and no longer cares for her he helps her, she is outgoing and unpredictuable, She has kids one is married and Cyclone has grandchilderen, Making her a mother, grandmother, and an aunt, Not to add that her cousin is Toya(DJ Tori's O.C.), Her sister is Avalon the cat and her adopted Sister is Blaze the cat, and Rider and Stereo who are very much like family to her but not technically realated

Forms: Silver Wings (angel form and super form), Phyco Cyclone, BlackNight (Dis is a dark form caused by Jasper)

Anti(s): Vegas & Enolcycx

2.Name: Isis

Species: Cat/Demond/angle/Shapeshifter

Age: 19

Gender: Girl

Relationship: Married (Burnis)

Personality/Attitude: Agressive ,Stronge, outgoing, unpredictuble, May be mentaly insain, can be romantic, somtimes easily pi$$3d, Married to Burn (Constance, Burn's mother), Has childeren (Journey, Directions, Adventure, Discovery, Explorer, Procced I think(lol), scared of mental hospitals, Enemys Acid (kinda Toxic)

Forms: Shōnen Isidore(boy version of name for boy form), and all animal forms, Sanity (Insain/ pissed form) And a unknown super form

Anti: Reserections

3. Name: Rider

Species: Wolf/Fire demond

Age: Unknown (lolz)

Gender: Boy

Relationship: uh . . . Pfft IDK XD He is single but I dont want him to be in a couple

Personality/Additude: Kind, Nice, Normally very happy, always tries to find the bright side of things, a little agressive, if you piss him of you PISS HIM OFF, Ememy's Nyania(sister) and Mephlies (lolz), Has birth sisters(Nyania and Stereo), 1 birth brother(Hunter), and he has Cyclone and Blaze who are very much like sisters to him but technacally not related in anyway, shape, or form.

Anti: Redir

And Avalon & Adriane Who I am to lazy to write up XD ok?

My friends so far are:

Kevictoria . . . Victoria

D*ckfigures . . . Jazelyn(Eh? spelling right?)

Proxi◆View . . . Seyi

SycoBandit . . . Eh

Maria . . . Maria

Kikkie . . . Not allowed to tell >:D(lol)

Fang . . . Eh

Acidia . . . Haley

DJslappyD . . . Eh

Nightwing . . . Jalon(?)

Regulus . . . Ron(?)

Vebeaz(?) . . . EH

BTW Sorry If I forgot you it is an honest mistake and if you want to be my friend tell me in comments! (I <3 new friends!)

That is all for now!!