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My name is Essence and I'm 15 years old. My whole life is surrounded by music and dance. I hope to become a professional dancer in my adult years. I am currently on the dance team at school. I've been introduced to many differnt types of dance on the team. I also listen to a variety of music I love soulful music it relaxes me, and I love me some Lady Gaga. Yes some people think she's weird....some people say the same about me. Im not your typical girl...it's because of my race(African American). They believe that black people are only suppose to listen to rap. I myself dislike this sterotype of black people....us young people have come to believe that we are entitled to listen to one thing. I say no...but this is why they think I'm weird...I'm a black girl...but I dress very dark an mysterious...and people just don't get me. Then they laugh at me because of the way I talk...they say I sound white. Ummmm their's no such thing, my mom just raised me right and haveing correct grammar is everything when it comes to geting a job in the future.....now let's see who's going to be laughing when I get that job and they don't.

But yes...that's enough about me.- &iFAMEMONSTERi&