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Thank you guys for helping me reach #1 in all time of Hatena on July 22 :D. You guys are AWESOME! Lets check out meh goals.

100 Stars: Of Course

10000 Stars: Complete

200000 Stars: Complete

500000 Stars: Nope not yet!

1000000 Stars: Nope not yet!

5 Green Stars: Complete

20 Green: Complete

50 Green: Complete

100 Green: Not yet!

200 Green: Not yet!

2 Red Stars: Complete

5 Red Stars: Complete

10 Red Stars Complete

50 Red: Not yet!

1 Blue Star: Complete

3 Blue Stars: Complete

5 Blue: Not yet!

10 Blue: Not yet!

1 Purple: Nope

Ranked #1 in Hatena. YEEESSS!


Bronze: Yes

Silver: No

Gold: No

Platinum: No

More than 300000 Views oh yea!

Earned Stars From 41 other countries!!!

Thank you all!