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My name is Sodapop54, I was also known as Celeste54 way back then.

I'm starting my Hatena life all over again in an attempt to expand my art!

I have a tumblr, but I don't use it much "Sodapop-Fizzy"

I'm very shy and usually spin-off 'notes for their audio, seeing as how all my audio attempts stink, I would never actually steal the visual effects of one, so please don't ignore my spin-offs thinking that they're stolen.

I am a cartoonist. I draw in the cartoon style, and sometimes, when I'm bored, Sonic Fan Characters because they're much easier for me.

I'm very much a loyal friend, fan, and creator, I'm just very diffident (yes it's a word, it means shy.)

I hope everybody enjoys my 'notes, even the meek little ones that deserve nothing.

I'm very pessimistic, this description is an exception.

Have a nice day~!

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