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My name is Fazz... im a really HYPER person. I make friends alot and they think im funny! Im a nintendo and sega freak... i play the piano and i play sports: basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf! i draw as my hobby... i also post them in I like to text ppl but i need to know you first before txting you. Dont call me a loner, im really sociable. I have a life and you might not think this is true. I love baseball and basketball. I always cheer for the Trail Blazers of the NBA and the San Francisco Giants in MLB... I always try to learn music from anime thats really cool! I have every mario, kirby, metroid, sonic, metal gear solid, and resident evil game! I like to watch the animes: "Soul Eater" and "xxxHolic" and "Tsubasa Chronicles"... theyre my favorites... in my schools, we teach respect and responsibility... im in highschool naow... i still hate math and spanish... OOOH! I also play the piano, guitar, drums, and im a dj... i also find myself too sociable.... i forget things because every memory gets bumped when i think of my curiculars.... well... for example: homework, studying, ect. I cant stand being tickled... it makes me become defenseless.... when my friends tickle me, i fall to the ground and laugh... the mother of all tortures... oh! like in elementary and middle, i was the popular kid cuz i always had the oreos and the nutter butters... its the same in highschool when i bring sushi and donuts...

take 5 im done....