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It's about time I update this! ^^

Hello there! I'm Mi ~♪ I enjoy making flipnotes about all my O.C's, They all tend to be Pokemon Ella and Mi being my main! I have alot of friends! My most bestest friends forever would have to be... Holly, Yoite, Ichigo, Nobody, Magicman, Angel, Katyjosh, Blind, Lil Eevee and there are a load more people! :3

My Sister is more than just a friend... she can't go in the paragraph above and that's Zucario~ Zucario is my bestest sister and I love her very muchly! >,,,<~

There is one person that doesn't fall into the friend category as they are waaaaaaay to special to! And that is Twiggy~♪ She is the most bestest onee any could ever have! ^^ We are the bestest of friends forever and will not be seperated! I love you sooooooo much Onee Chan! >,,,<~ <3

I have a family too! The Big Dango family! I love Dango's! And Waddle dee's too! Just google either of them if you are unsure on what they are! :3 Me and onee share a common love for Dango's! Which brings me onto my most favouritest song!

Skip straight to 1:55... This is mine onee's song... It means alot to me....

Mi ~♪