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Welcome to FS3D Universe

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Hello, Flipnote Studio 3D Universe. We will be coming for new series in the future.

We likely for all flipnote accounts on Hatena.

Stars = ☆

Fans = ❤


English, Spanish, France, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and German.


Games liked Super Mario
Food liked Fly
Music liked Katy Perry / Justin Bieber / Daft Punk / LMFAO
Web services liked Flipnote Hatena / Colors! 3D / Flipnote Gallery: World
TV Shows liked Pokemon / SpongeBob SquarePants / Adventure Time
Animation liked Flipnotes
Characters liked Asis / Gizmo / McBoo / YesFriend / Anthony / Epic and Guitar / Mario / Sonic the Hedgehog
Location liked London / Tokyo / New York City / Koyto
Animals liked Frog
Movies liked Shrek / Madagascar