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I'm 13 years old. I am an Athletic teenager, an Artist, a Musician,a Dancer, an intelligent and diligent teenager or a student, and the most important thing I believe in God and Jesus, and I am a Christian:P I live in the state of New Jersey, but I used to live in New York and that was pretty a long time ago with stuff going in my life, anyways I am a great teenager. I am very helpful and clean (of course). I live in a froster home and I still see my real family and I am having a wonderful time. I get my allowance and I have a lot of fun:P!!! We have a great time me, my froster mom, dad, 2 brothers, a dog, and more:P!!! We go down to Forked River down at South Jersey every weekwnd while Summer time and around June through August we stay down there:P!!! We have a pretty medium sized house close to small, we have two boats, one is pretty medium and one is a small motor boat, maybe close to medium, we also have two blue colored Jetskis, and a lot of water stuff:P I have a lot of fun:P!!!-"Always Athletic":P!!!