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Hi! My name is Fox. I'm a 14-year-old teenage boy from Knoxville, Tennessee. Fox is my real name, but as there is a famous Nintendo character named Fox, I am often mistaken as a fan of the Star Fox series. Still, I understand how most people could easily get confused, and that's mostly my fault. Since you're already reading this, here are some games you can find me online at: Monster Hunter Tri(Name: Sedric), and Xbox 360 (Gamertag: EpicBanana1124). In addition, for some reason my DS games won't let me use Wi-Fi, so don't expect me online on DS games. And thanks for taking the time out of your day to look at my profile! ^3^ *raises arms* *lowers arms* *raises arms* *lowers arms* (Final Fantasy reference, FTW!!!)


Thanks to bluemuffin for drawing me a new profile icon! :D However, recently, whenever someone draws a profile icon, they either try to draw me as Fox from StarFox, or as a fox. There's nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong. I really think it's awesome whenever people try to make me an icon! However, I get frustrated whenever that happens, because the reason my Hatena username is Fox, is because MY NAME IN REAL LIFE IS FOX!!! XC Yes, I know it's a weird name, but my parents named me Fox after a character, whose name was Fox, on a TV show called "The X-Files". Not only that, but I absolutely HATE the StarFox series because of that, and I'm also not one of those people on Hatena who draws themselves as animals, Pokemon, or any kind of fictional character that is an animal. I'm very sorry if I have offended anyone who has made me a profile icon like that, and I apologize, but if someone makes me a profile icon like that, then I won't use it. If you do plan on making me an icon, then please, either draw me like my earlier flipnotes depict me as(brown hair with glasses), or draw any one of my OCs(Cain, Sedric, Arth). Once again, I'm very sorry if anyone got offended or hurt by my comments on this whole thing, and I didn't mean to sound angry, I'm just sad that this keeps happening to me. Thank you for reading this long rant, and have an awesome day. :)