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Hi im Vanity :D flipnote hatena is so fun >w< most of my friends would know that i love Lady Gaga! im a monster for life :D (Gaga is VERY talented and amazing. 4 all those people out there that say that she has no talent or ANYTHING else mean about her, you are an idiot). my two biggest dreams are to see Gaga live in concert and to meet her <3

my favorite...

singer: u should know by now.

show: The Big Bang Theory

food: noodles

soda: Cherry Cola

candy: gummy bears and almond joy :D

song: Its SOOOOOO hard to decide... but i pick Marry The Night by Lady Gaga :)

clothes store: aeropostale.

animal: fox

color: neon green

month: july

season: summer

Gum: trident layers

day of the week: Saturday

album: Born This Way

P.S. Credit to Gaga for the idea of the name "Vanity" :) its a song.

so, yeah. thanks 4 reading this thingy o3o

love ya! :D <3

~ Vanity

Here are a few Lady Gaga performances that i really love. u should watch them! cuz they r epic :)