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Hello!! People off hatena!! Well it is me Epic MAT not some HAIRY DUDE ! Sooooo..... OMG! I am so ADDICTED TO MARIO I will tell you why! Mario clothes, Mario PJs, Mario Drawings, Mario toys, Mario colletion, Mario room, Mario costume, Mario video games, and mario bed! Whoo thats alot of Mario!

Jokes: Why couldn't the person dial 911? Because he couldn't find the 11 on the phone.

Why did batman cross his legs?He had to go to the batroom!

Why did Gregory get beat up? Because he was a wimpy kid.

Why did Tigger look in the toilet? Because he was looking for Pooh (get it Winnie the Pooh). Why did Mario tell Luigi to fight Browser? Because Browser J.r. was defated!

What did the buffallo say to her son?

Bison ( bye son ) dB

Fav Movies: SpongeBob Movie, Simpsons Movie, Nacho Libre, Napoline Dynamite, Diary of a wimppy kid 12(3456)

Fav food: PIZZA! Also TACOS!

Fav Website: Flipnote Hatena, Fantage, YOUTUBE!, Artix websites

Fav Hatena Freinds: Anthony, Paige, Aura Beast, Shadow song, JMC Spike, Eddie, Jeff, DBZgater, Krazee King, Draw!ng Gualaps, Scribbler, $pike, Doodler, Zacery, and many more! Wow alot of FREINDS!

Fav Songs: Blame it on the Pop, Down, Beat it, Killer Queen, Another one bites the dust, Harder Better Faster Stronger!

Fav Band: Queen, One Republic

FACES: O3o O-o XD OUo OVo OoO dB =D :D :( :)

MY BIRTH DAY!: 2/27/01

My Bros Birthday!: 2/25/11