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"Those who want to fight, let them fight, and those who do not want to battle in the eternal strugge, they do not deserve to live."~YoshiBlast.

"When working on something, there is no "Im done!", there is only "How can I make this better?".


Funny Story:

There I was, driving my car, when out of no where, Andre comes along and blows my car up! Since then, I like to kill him (in Halo Reach) when he passes by or is in a car. The end.


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Funny Story(Above)

About Me

Contact Information

My Goals

About Ripping Sprites

About Requests

About tests and locking sprites

My Friends

Stuff I'm Doing

Questions and Anwsers



About Me:

Hi! I'm YoshiBlast! I am a half Canadian (If you make fun of me cuz I'm Canadian I will block you. Sorry but thats how its gonna be) and half Portugese guy who likes to play video games such as Mario games and Call of Duty games.(Dont mess with me in Call of Duty. easily take you down. >:D) I have 3 dogs, I like to draw Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and a bunch of other stuff. As you can tell, Yoshi is my favourite character. I have been with Yoshi since his first game came out, the game called Yoshi. He is apart of my childhood and my life. I am a pro at Video Games and I hope to work at Nintendo or Theyarch one day so I can make Mario or Call of Duty games. Anyways...yeah thats it.


Contact Information

My Website:

My website only has the main page there. I am still not sure how to add the other pages. The site maker I'm using is complacated.

My online video games website:

It is a work in progress, there is no download link yet. I havent worked on the game much lately, since I had to much stuff to do. But, I hope you like the website, and when the game comes out, the game!

My email:

Use incase you need to contact me or just want to

chat or something.

My Xbox 360 Gamer Tag:


My icon and avatar will be a girl cuz my sister made the profile. I'm not making another cuz all my data is on this one. So dont mistake me for a girl. But my sister might be playing so...yeah. Maybe we could play some Halo Reach or Call of Duty: Black Ops or Call of Duty 2 or Call of Duty 3 or Call of Duty: World at War or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Friends I have on Xbox 360 from Hatena:


Frog101's friend Bradyn

Frog101's other friend


Im pretty sure thats it....unless I forgot somebody. Hope I didnt. Add me on X360 if you want.


My Goals:

1. To get a rank less then 100. (Completed! My losest was 63 or 83 I cant remember the first number)

2. To get noticed/get favourited/be friends with expert spriters/sprite animators. (Completed! I am friends with Luigi*, OmegaSword, Frog101, Calvin, and some others, I got faved by Shadow624, OmegaSword, Frog101, Calvin, Username, and others, and I got noticed...well the same people I mentioned and a few others)

3. To get my Gold Citizenship badge.

4. To reach 1000 fans.

5. To have fun (Completed! Right off the bat...)

6. To play with Hatena creators on my Xbox 360. (Completed! I added OmegaSword, Calvin, and Frog101)


About ripping sprites:

You probably may not know this, but I have recently learned how to rip sprites. So I will be ripping alot more sprites. It will make it much easier. Do not ask me to rip sprites for you. The anwser will probably be no. Unless the sprites you want could be a great use to Hatena. Then I would say yeah. And I will take rip requests(thats what I will call them now) from friends. That is all on this topic.


About Requests

To make things short here, I will only take requests from friends and highly skilled spriters and sprite animaters. End of conversation on this topic.


About tests and locking sprites

Okay, on one of my flips somebody said "This isnt funny. Stop locking the sprites!". My anwser: I will unlock them when I'm ready. Like serouisly, its like I go up to Luigi* and keep on saying(I know he HATES this so I'm using this as an example): "HEY, CAN YOU FAVE ME?!" like every 20 seconds or so. So just buzz off and wait till they are unlocked. Holy macaroni soon I am just gonna delete comments like this!


My Friends:

>Jeremy<: Jeremy is a really nice guy. He is good at drawing Yoshi, and good at making flips. I wish I knew this guy in real life.

☆Pengy☆: Pengy is also super nice and good at drawing Yoshi as well. Her flips are also good. Her series looks epic! I cant wait for it!

Jorge: Again, very nice. And his flips are really epic, and so are his drawings. His series look like something from a movie. I cant wait to see it!

Disaster777: Nice guy. Good at making flips. His series also looks epic. Cant wait for it!

D: D is REALLY nice. We chat alot. And the chats are nice. He is great at drawing lots of stuff. His flips are really epic. I wish this guy was my brother.

Bullet TH: He is nice and good at flips. He is good at drawing Sonic characters the best. Which is fine with me. He is a good friend.

OmegaSword: He is really nice. He is good at drawing and great at spriting. His series is epic!

M€atb★ll: He is a nice guy and great at spriting. His series is epic! I wish it would get noticed alot more.

BrawlLuigi: Another nice guy and great at spriting. His sprites are really good. He should be more popular(he is but he should be more :D).

Bowser!!!!: A spriter from the other region. He says he is a beginner spriter, but seeing some of the stuff he does now makes me think he isnt a beginner. He is also a really good friend. :D

Playerman★: He is another good spriter and good sprite animator. I like his work and he should continue Luigi more. I hope we are friends, I consider him one, but I dont know if he considers me one.

JXJ: He is a very good spriter and he is awesomer at making highly detailed icons. And, the best part of all, HES CANADIAN! This is the first Canadian person I have met on Hatena...besides me of course. :D! Anyways, go Canada! And yeah this guy rocks!

Luigi★: A really epic spriter from the E/O region. He is really nice and I am glad to be a friend with this guy. We had our ups and downs but we always make it work in the end. Hey, thats what friends do right?

Frog101: A great spriter and animatior. I like his sprites and his series very much. Sadly his series got stolen twice. Anyways, I'm glad to be friends with this guy.

Calvin: A really great spriter and animatior. His sprites are very useful and are always great to see. I am glad to be friends with him. :D.

Username: I do not know if he considers me as a friend, but I consider him one. He is a really awesomer spriter and is like a phychic cuz whenever I need something for my series he posts it. He is very helpful and nice. His sprites never dissapoint me.

Andre: A really nice guy with good flips and sprites. But he doesnt think his sprites are really that good. But I like them, same with his flips. Hes a good friend.

kevin: A really nice guy with really good sprites, and great series. I love his series. He is a very popular creator, and he deserves to be with the work he does and effort he puts into it. I am glad to be his friend.

Please tell me if I forgot any of my friends. So I can add you in.


Before you read the "Stuff I'm doing" section, I want to say something. If I am working on a sprite project and you make some sprites of the same sprite project I'm working on and you know I was working on it you might put in the description or flip: YoshiBlast if you are reading this I just wanted to know that I made these sprites because...blah blah blah...Please dont get mad at me." Dont ever put that in. I dont care if you make the same sprites as me. I will say this: "Thats great sprites!(or something like that) Thanks for making this for me. Saves me less work. (I might say this for the next part) Want to work on this spite project with me?". So, yeah I wont get mad. Just to let you know. As long you didnt steal the sprites and made it told them you made. THEN I will get mad. Anyways, yeah.

Stuff I'm doing:

Mario and Luigi: Galactic Wars Part 4

Completion: 0%

To be released: I dont know

Super Mario Bros Xtreme Episode: 1, Part: 2

Completion: 0%

To be released: I dont know

Mario and Luigi BIS V.4

Completion: 75%

V.4 to be released: Before Summer thats for sure.

Mario and Luigi BIS SMG2 Customs

Completion: 5%

To be released: When I want it to be...

Fire Luigi forgotten sprites

Completion: 85%

To be released: Soon...

Dark Bowser:

Completion: 45%

V.2 to be released: Shortly before the next part of M&L: GW

Boshi Y.I.DS Version:


V.1 to be released: I dont know

Random sprites

Eh, they could be released at random times.


Questions and Anwsers:

Q: Can I make a request?

A: No. Only if you are my friend or a really huge spriter who needs it for some reason but cant make it them self.

Q: What is your strategy for making sprites?

A: I ain't telling you guyz that. I dont feel like telling it to anybody.

Q: Will you watch my flips?

A: I might, I wont leave a comment so youll never know.

Q: Will you add me to your favs?

A: I only add people who are nice, good friends, and have good flips.

Q: Will you give me ____ stars?

A: You want something? Heres some hope. Use it to make good flips and earn stars yourself.

Q: Wanna be friends?

A: Of course. I love making friends.

Q: Wanna chat?

A: If I have the time...


And thats yeah. Enjoy my profile!






















________█▓__█ Something made by Luigi*. Yeah I find it really epic.