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UpDaTeD: MaRcH 28, 2012

Already wanna photo,

U already no do,

U only lve once

Dat da motto n!iqqa YOLO

And we bout it

Erday erday

Like we sittin on a bench and we dont really play

Erday erday

Fug wat anybody say

Cant see em cuz da money in da way

Real n!!qqa wazzup?

One time


One time

Im callinq n!!qqa out like da empire


Grams in da blunt

Almost drowned in her wussy so i swam to her butt

Its eastside

We in dis bidness

Wish a n!!qqa would like a tree in dis b!!tch

And if a leaf falls put some w33d in dat bish

Dat my MO

Add a B to dat shizz

Im fugged up

Torned down

Im twisted

Door knob

Talk stupid

Off with yo head

Money talk

And mr.ed


Im so younq money gotta drum on gun energizer bunny

Funny how honey aint sweet like suqar

Aint shizz sweet

Street like h00kers

Tonque kss her other tonque

Skeet skeet skeet watergn









really??? U hacked my fuqqinq account???

aye dis is Bris homegirl! Aint ellin u who cuz i gona get in turbs by bribri! i love brivri she so funny. Mess with her, you gonna have to mess with all of us!! I dont got no dsi or a hatena but dis website for nerds. Sorry to nerds.

i love bribri

bribri you r







boo thanq

My best friend! Love you.

Love yo friend...

text me

Face book me


Hopefully you wont get mad at me for hackin ur account but the password was easy. Heha! well i gtg bfore u log on and realize someone is ono ur accout!! Sorry if i be positinq so weird stuff im using my phone so yeah!

Ymcmb!!!! Im gonna fill up ur profile until u notice. Im bored r u??? yeah i hate skool omq ur so stupid and hyper sometimes hehehe i love ur flipnotes but to bad u dont make no more!!!!! make some or ill k!ll burger,!! Jk burger wont let me burger codename not tellinq ju!! well anywayspeace out and hope u dont get mad

<3 yo best friend

Cant say my name u have to quess!!

yeah thx for hackin my account...i hate comeing home from skool

Haha brianna dis yo friend Arlynda!! yeah i think it was latonda or felicia hacked ur account. Stop quessinq latondas bf! No i dint call u a clueless idiot. yeah imusinq my next door neighbors computer. Danq i just hatevgettinq rides from dem. Bleghh!! Earlier i tried to chanqe ur accountnthingy but it said error or somethinq so i guess u were on while i was. Omq we going to steele canyon!! Go cogars!! Idk if i spelled dat riqht Im qoqinq to miss ur obssessions over da summer ur so funny and weird! R u bi polar? Reasons i gave u : sometimes ur just hiper. Sometimes mean to latonda, me, kyria and desmond. Eww desmond and his ratchet self! Sometimes ur nice and super quite. Just kiddinq!!! Ima get my new phone! When u gettinq urs? I aint no chump! Follow latonda eastman on twitter. Oh wait idk her twittter! But i no how u can find her. Go on rayrays twitter from mb. Ur no a cueless idiot. Or chump. Should i make a twitter?? U weird on dis website! Ok so lemme tell u sometin... Hi. Byebye chump jk brianna i aint like dat. bye!!!!!

dEaR HaTeNa,

Im sorry but Im quttin. Yall no i just cant handle it anymore wiff al deese haters. So good-bye. And ill come very 1 and a while on da computer

Deuces yall!<3

  • AyooBribri

Ps mah ds wont get da dayumm internet anyways so now i have touse my ipad.

Name: Brianna

Age: 13

Grade: 8th

Home: California

B-day: May 27, 1998

Im all daa waaay strait yall <3 I only like guys.

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My SoNq!♪

Feel So Close- Calvin Harris

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Hatena XD


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DoNt H8 Me CuZ iM BeAuTiFuL



SoRRy, BuT i AiNt GoNNa bE eDiTiNq mY pRoFiLe 4 LoNq...

YoU CoLoR My LiFe<3