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ewe Hi! Let me introduce myself! My name is Lynn! And as you SHOULD know, I'm in the Lone Star State. My b-day is November 22nd, BTW! And as you can see, I LOVE the Sonic the Hedgehog series! I DO NOT have any siblings whatsoever. I am very sensitive. (Cry at least once every 48 hours XD.) And I've have improved SO much since I've been here. If you know what I mean... (If you've seen my first EVER Sonic picture I drew, you WOULD actually know what I mean... XD Luckily, they're CLASSIFIED.) I also absolutely LOVE art! I'm in my Art Club at my school. Just in case you actually know me in real life, please tell me! I would love to meet you on Hatena! And I started here actually a few months ago... and I've been hiding that I love Sonic the Hedgehog from my friends for 2 YEARS, so yeaaaaaaaaah. But now it's exposed. You might know me from my O.C. Fuschia the Cat. But my original O.C. was Star the Hedgehog. (I just remodeled Star a bit.) Sydney was actually a friend of mine who still doesn't know my secret. And I named an O.C. after her, Sydney the Wolf. (She also happened to also like wolves. :D) I am an A student and in LEAP. And my school's name is ****** ***** **********. (I'm not showing you my school name! XD) I also train in martial arts. XD And that's pretty much all I have to say... Bye!

Lynn (or Ames Rosey)



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