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The crazy, random, and giddy fox lover.

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The crazy, random, and giddy fox lover.

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I haven't put anything in here for about a year... xD So I realized I seriously need to. Life is changing and time is almost up here, and as I write this, it's May 2nd of 2013, at 2:14 PM. I don't know if this will still be here, considering the site is shutting down in 30 days. But heck! Let's get on with this mere Introduction! :D

My name is Flame, -Well, my Hatena title that is. On the internet I am known as G, SweetGBlock, FlammeumCor, FaithBlossom, Waluabby. I've had a couple of different Hatena names: Gabber, Redfox, Holyflare, luv4Japan, and Flamefox. Atleast I think that was all... xD That's all for that subject.

I'm a Digital Artist and Hobbyist animator, but that part comes from this lovely service. Hatena has provided me with Animation skills and Art improvement, I couldn't be more thankful for that. :)

I'm your un-average, crazy, random, goofy, teenage Jesus freak. I've been a member of Hatena for about 4 or 3 years now, these years have been golden for me. I'll never forget them! -But more importantly I'll never forget my Friends on here.

My amazing friends, (Some have quit, and some I know from other sites.):

PegasBirdo (My real life brother. He got me to join Hatena, and he is awesome!)

Jeff (Funny, cool, and best friend. You quit, but I always enjoyed your flipnotes!)

Meeplink (Love ya goddaughter!!<3 I've known you for so long. You are super sweet and I love talking to you.)

FireFox (You're easy to talk to, really nice, a good friend and an amazing person!)

Blu_Night (You were like one of my very first friend's here, and you are amazing!)

Lumar (Mai hatena bff<3<3<3 You are so awesome Ashy-sis. You were always one of my biggest inspirations here!)

Mango (You are so nice and friendly! You're a good person, and a good friend too.)

BRat (I enjoy talking with you, I really like your Series so far (Although I haven't learned alot about it yet), and generally you are a pretty cool person!)

FizzyPop (You're my buddy, your Art style is so unique and cute! I always loved roleplaying with you back at Stonerclan. x3)

Starruler (You are really nice, I always admired your series; Hero of the Forest.)

J!x (Jixy, I've known you since you first came to Hatena! You've always been a great friend, and you've improved in Art so much so fast.)

Cooper (You are very friendly, caring, Artistic and creative, and a good friend!)

Randomgirl (You are funny, fun to talk to, and random. XD I always enjoyed chatting/RPing with you in Stonerclan. <3)

Frostywolf (Frosty-sis, we haven't talked in awhile, but you are sweet, funny, and I always enjoyed our conversations.)

Laughdome (We don't talk anymore, but you were an awesome friend!)

AshyMashy (You disappeared, but you were the definition of awesome. I always admired your art, and I loved always talking about Teen Titans with you. Haha x3)

Rinny (You disappeared too, but you were really nice and friendly. ^w^)

Papermoon (One of my very first Hatena friends, you disappeared but I still remember you. :])

Nyaneko (I never got the chance to get to know you very well, but you are pretty cool. xP)

Roastedthekind (You stopped going on Hatena and ROBLOX, but you are so awesome. I always remember when we would be crazy derp-heads together and not care. :D)

mike23557 (You're a good friend, and you're funny and cool!)

Lucinda (You disappeared, but you were a good friend.)

Shelby (You disappeared about 3 or 2 years ago... You were so nice and such a sweet girl. You are amazing and I miss you.)

Ally (You kind of disappeared and we stopped talking for awhile. :( You are really nice though, and I liked your Flipnotes!)

BloodRose (Met you in Stonerclan, but I haven't talked to you in forever because I couldn't be active in Stonerclan no more, thanks to life. ;__;)

Mika_chan (You disappeared too! But you were a good friend and I miss you.)

They are all amazing... Before Hatena ends, you should add them to your favorites if you'd like to or can.

I will be on Flipnote 3D's new community for 30 days, most likely with the same name. I might transfer my Flipnotes to there, and hopefully I'll get enough good rates and reviews so I can stay on there longer.

I always enjoyed Flipnote Hatena, and it's played a big role in my life. It's been a good 3 years, and I'll miss it... Wish it didn't have to end, but it's life. Thank you all for your Support, love, and Friendship. I love you all, you made my 3 years!

For the last time here...

Sincerely with love, Flamefox.

[Finished writing at 3:03 PM.]



Blood type

Does anyone really want to know this?


Artist and a beginning writer.


Home Schooled.

Place of residence

Earth. Like, duh.

Place of birth

The hospital? xD


Drawing, Playing Video games.

Special skills

Art, being a ninja.


English. Pony Latin. 1337.


mario_dude, aka J

Future plans

Plan A: To be a successful cartoonist and animator.

Plan B: To be a successful writer.

Plan C: Musician. (Probably impossible for me. xD)


Jan 21 2010

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Games liked Mario Party 9 / Animal Crossing Wild World / F-Zero X / ROBLOX / Super Smash Brothers Brawl / Mario Kart Wii / The Legend of Zelda: Majoras mask/ Ocarina of time / Super Smash Brothers Melee >:D / F-Zero
People liked Family / ALL my friends everywhere. <3 / My Bro (:DDD)
Things liked Playing Video games / Watching TV at times / Reading books / Sometimes silence / Drawing / Nature / Music / Hugs. I wuv hugs. xD
Drinks liked Cherry 7 Up / Sprite / Coke / Dr. Pepper / Fanta Orange / Lemonade / Coffee and Tea. xD / Pepsi / Rootbeer :D / Brisk tea :U / Berry smoothies
Music liked Some Pop / Some Dubstep. / Alternative Rock / Metal / Swing / Acoustic
Food liked Tacos / Pie / Lotsa' Spaghetti. dB / Turkey with Mashed Patatoes (Oyusssssss) / Hot dogs / Icecream / Salads / Cerealz / Pizza / Spinach (Believe it or not.) / French fries / Home made Ziti :DDDDD / C00k135 / Onion rings (>:U Burger king 's rules.)
TV Shows liked My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic / Teen Titans / Once Upon A Time / Spongebob Square Pants (Oyushs. :P)
Books liked Jesus Calling by Sara Young / The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis / Warriors by Erin Hunter
Characters liked Pinkie Pie / Waluigi / Birdo / Lionblaze / Jayfeather / Rarity / StarFire / Wario / Dovepaw / Twilight Sparkle / Wreck-It Ralph (Lolololololz C8)
Animals liked Fox / Cat / Rabbits / Hamsters / Fennec Fox / Turtles :DDDDDDDD
Movies liked The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe / The Last Air bender / The Sound of Music / Wreck-It Ralph / Toy Story 3 (Yeah, foos. :p) / Elf (xD lol.) / Kung fu panda (:Y Hyaoooh) / Cars