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'ello gov' nah! British people are cool. And English. And Scottish people... ANYWHO!! I'm a human (I hope)... and I'm alive (I hope).. and I have no particular good talents... well, I'm pretty good at video games... and I can draw pretty ok (Animation is different.... I don't try! haha) and I can be wierdly random... my age is ********* .....YOU SHALL NOT PASS! I only tell age to people I feel like telling... Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim, Deadpool, and dumpligs (not my favorite food, but very awesome) are awesome.... DOBBY DIES... "I'm really really old, so that must mean I know things" ... line from a funny youtube video...and yeah.... WHAT YOU JUST READ, HAS BEEN USELESS AND CRAPPY IN MANY WAYS.... I'll be at whatever gizmo chatroom is more or less lively... and yeah... you just waisted brain power by reading all this. your mother is very dissapointed. go and read this again while rethinking your life. btw.... all flipnotes I currently have... suck. no, really, they suck. just... no. soon I will have a NEW Dsi (mine broke) and will try to make newer, better flipnotes.