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Ok, uh, well name here is GaMVrisT, but many call me Gam :3 I do a lot of pony flips, as you can see, but I also do Skyrim, TF2, regular humans/chibis, and am working on doing some PewDiePie ;3 Don't be shy, just drop a comment on any of my flips and I'll respond to whatever it is you said, bro :3 I care about all my friends and fans here on Hatena! <3

If you ever want a request for an Icon, RP, MV, or whatever feel free to ask me about it. I'm still working on animating and overall getting better at drawing, but I'll work my hardest to finish any request you have ^-^ aaaand, no charge! I don't want stars for things I make for you bros, because I enjoy it!

Now, lately I have been getting more fans, stars, and views, so apparently that brought out some thieves.... I'm pretty tolerant, but if I catch you stealing my art (which I HAVE caught every person who has stolen my art so far) I will NOT hesitate to take measures needed. I have yet to report someone who has stolen my art, but that may become an option soon so don't take your chances.

I am on Hatena EVERY day, even when school starts, so contanct me any time you need something friends ^w^

Guess you stalkers want some info, eh? Well, I like ponies, anime, drawing, Pokemon,and video games such as The Elder Scrolls, Portal, and Assassin's Creed series (trust me, I'm not someone who calls myself a gamer but is a total n00b -_- I actually do have video game knowledge and experience :P). I live in the US of A, so I only speak fluent English ;-; Mandarin Chinese, German, and Japanese are all alittle rusty...

Well, that seems to be it. Before I go, you bros have GOT to check out these awesome creators/amazing friends of mine!! <3

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Eeyup, that's it bros xD Later!