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I'm keeping this hear for comedic purposes. I have no idea what I was smoking at the time but I apparently thought that this description was acceptable.



Ok well I'm 14, ummmmmm I'm a Christiannnn

I go tooz a Christian schooool

Umm I play bass geetar

My real name is Laquicia Jackson

I like to make clay busts of my mom

None of this is true except this

I like animating (no dip)

I want inchworm I'll probably get it soon

Fluidanims is prolly where im going

I'm just here to give entertainment to my fans. Stick fights are my game, and I must admit that it's fun, very time consuming ewe. I recommend everyone should try stick fights and if you need any help you can come to me. Though I may not be a good teacher, idk, I did teach myself. Anyways thank you all, you made it possible to reach my goal of 200 fans by christmas, I hope to get more in the future, but that means I need to work my hardest, I'm either lazy or I take forever on stick fights, either way I'm gonna get done at some point. (note I wrote that last part like 2 months ago and I'm still not done cuz ppl lay so many collabs on me eve)

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