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I faved myself and I am proud of it.

Ello there. My name is Jason.

I'm 16, and I do not like you.

I don't have that many fans but I have some crazy fans..

that happen to be girls...

I consider them fangirls.

Don't Judge.

I started this.. whatever

when my sister showed me something on her DsixL

Now It's mine because I gave her some money for it.

To claim total ownership of it >:D

and to make her shut up about how it's hers...

Don't mistake my kindness for flirting.

Don't flatter yourself, I wouldn't flirt with you..

I love my friends. Not you.

If we've talked once.. and I really Liked you.

.. I mean REALLY liked you, I would consider you a friend

I don't have that many friends, but I don't really care.

I hate a lot of things, and I'm not afraid to tell you when you're

p-ssing me off. A lot of things p-ss me off, but I truly do try to

not let them get to me. But if a certain person keeps on doing it..

I will lose my mind and just.. go ape- sh-t on you.

.. I've made people quit Hatena because of what I've said to them.

I can be easy to get along with as long as you won't be a b-tch.

If I trust you, I'll spill out every little detail of my life to you.

I hope you can handle that, most people run away when I do...

I enjoy typing.. In fact a lot.

I type without looking sometimes, and I freak out whenever I make a typing error.

But I guess my computer will never understand that my last name is not misspelled ;D

I make a lot of faces. ._.


... Sometimes a little to much.

When I'm trying to be serious, I won't make a face.

So that gives you a clue to when you have made me mad...

I'm going all out on this little box.

I bet Hatena will probably ban me for all the crap I've wrote in this little box.

Little kids should not be exposed to what I write xD


I think I have said enough.

Kthanxbai, My little Loser♥

P.S. Miranda, aren't you so special ?

This is not directed at you... and all hell was broken loose a long time ago. ;3