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I'm a huge fan of Geno (as you can tell by my name). I love video games. I'm also a spriter.

These are my current sprite projects:

These are creators who I really admire:



Chris(music note)







Rambo 3rd




Here I have my friends on Hatena:

Cat-Chan-She was one of my first friends on here. We both like almost the EXACT same things XD. Plus, she likes what I do and is a good friend.

Mr.Video-Look "awesome" up in the dictionary and you'll see his picture XD. He's fairly new on Hatena (not really) and makes some of the best sprites ever!

He also owns me at SSBB, 'nuff said XD.

Chris- My first inspiration on Hatena. He draws and animates 10x better than me, AND likes Geno, too. I don't know what happened though, as he stopped posting for months. Without notice.

DarkaceZ-When a famous guy like him comments on my flip, it certaintly makes me feel good :) He's remaking SMBZ on Hatena, which is just plain awesome.

SkyShaymin-My inspiration to make my old series "Legend of the Thousand year door". An awesome creator who's previous series ran for over 100 parts! Now that's what I call perserverence! and him have been through a lot! He is an awesome friend of mine who was absent for...quite some time, actually.

kooPalings-I can't believe I forgot to put him up here! His animation style is awesome and his humor is brilliant. Plus, he's a brony. 'nuff said.

Note: I'm only putting creators here that I'm close to. Just say the word and I could throw your name up here.

Current Series-Mario and Luigi: Shattered Dimension.

This series is about Dimentio, after escaping the Underwhere, launches Exor into Peach's Castle, ripping holes in space and time, which in turn, mixes up universes and dimensions (hence the name "Shattered dimension"). Sonic and Knuckles get caught in a portal and get sent to Mario's world. Mario and Luigi decide to help them get back to their dimension and defeat Dimentio. It is soon found out that Star Road was shattered again, and Geno joins Mario's team to find the Star Pieces and awaken the Six Sages who have the power to vanquish Dimentio once and for all...

Current Chapters:

Ch.1 - Here we go Again...

Ch.2 - Shifting Sands and Expectations

If you have questions about anything, ask me, but not ones like " can you make more so and so...?" when I said I'm not making more. or "Can you look at my flips?". I'll look at them if you're not a noob.

Thanks for reading! :D