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Remember, if we ever get caught, you're deaf and I don't speak English.

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Remember, if we ever get caught, you're deaf and I don't speak English.

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Hai im ~Rosey~ and my ID is GirIsAwesome. I`m a little 12 year old who loves to play online and draw. I`m a very artistic girl but im more better on pencil than digital pen. I love to play video games and doodle in my notebook. You can find me on as GirisAwesome494. I'm also on as Gir4EverAwesome. I`m a HUGE fan of Sonic, Gir, Minecraft, PPGZ(Power Puff Girls Z), WASSABI PRODUCTIONS :D, nigahiga XD, smosh :D, kevjumba X3, TOBUSCUS >:D, PewDiePie >:3, MLP Friendship is Magic XD, and wolves. I don`t draw some of them very often on hatena but I`m still a fan! I'm very lovable! ^-^ And very easy going! I'm an awesome friend to have! :D When you first meet me, I'll probably be shy, but when you get use to me... YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN! XD Anyways thats all i would like to share about myself so far so.... cya! Mkay bye!

^_^ ~Rosey~







Blood type

...da heck?


What is the "job" you speak of? -insert "b!tch please rage face-

Place of residence

My house .-.

Place of birth

A hospital.... durr.... :l


Drawing, drawing, and lots of drawing!! Oh and hanging out with friends , playing video games, and singing!

Special skills

Drawing maybe? Oh and to cry and roll in a little ball after failing something! :D


Tagalog and English


Games liked Sonic Games :3 / Nintendo Games / Happy Wheels >:D / minecraft XP
Fashion liked plaid shirts / Skinny jeans :P
People liked smosh X3 / TOBUSCUS >:D / PewDiePie >:3 / Wassabi Productions (ALex and Roi) :D / nigahiga XD (Ryan Higa) / kevjumba X3 (Kevin Wu)
Drinks liked Water :P / Starbucks! :D / Raspberry ice tea! :3
Music liked NUGGET IN A BISCUT XD / Batman VS Superman B3 / Sexy 'Landa Style B3 / I know That She Wants Me X3 / Movin' like Richard B3 / Nightcore X3 / The Ready Set- Love Killer / Stereo Hearts <3 / Fireflies :3 / Gangam Style B3 / I CAN SWING MY SWORD XD / DRAMATIC SONG :O / SAFETY TORCH XD / Hi my name's Rolanda! XD / Sonic Colors theme XD / Nice Guys Finish Last by nigahiga and kevjumba / Lighters :3 / Skrillex B3
Food liked Waffles! / CANDY! XD / PIZZA! / Cupcakes! :3 / Pancakes! X3 / Olive Garden :D
Web services liked Animal Jam / Flipnote Hatena / Youtube :P / devaintART :D
TV Shows liked Sonic X / Invader Zim! :D / Spongebob Squarepants! :D / MLP: Friendship is Magic! :D / Adventure Time! :D / Gravity Falls ^_^ / Tom & Jerry <3 / Regular Show :D
Books liked Warriors! :D / Wolves of the Beyond! <3
Sports liked Swimming / Boxing (watching) / Basketball :)
Characters liked Sonic! ^-^ / Amy! :D / Gir! <3 / Tails :D / Dib XD / Pinkiepie XP / Derpy Hooves XD / Mabel XD / Dipper :D / Soos XD / Pops :3 / Rigby :D / Jake :3 / Fionna :D / Finn :D / Marceline B3 / Invader Zim :D / Gaz X3 / Fluttershy :3 / Rainbowdash :D / Waddles X3 / Skips :D / Mordecai :D / Cake :3 / Marshal Lee B3 / Gunter :3
Animals liked Wolves <3 / Cats! :3
Movies liked The Avengers! >:D / FrankenWeenie :3 / Real Steel B3 / Wreck-it-Ralph :D