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Hola!!! I decided to add a little more info about my charas... yeah i have lots so here they are:

Kimmie the tiger

Slash the hedgehog

Grace the raccoon

Alex the tiger(fav)

Steve the hedgehog

Natalie the cat/tiger(fav)

Joshua the hedgehog

Silvs the hedgehog(fav)

Prilla the witch cat(fav)

Leon the hedgehog

Terry the fox

Drake the wolf

Fray the hedgehog

Jalie the tiger

Jenny the wolf

Jessie the wolf

Ally the Butterfly

Kylie the cat

Dianna the bat

Slane the hedgehog

Dionna the cat

Catie the cat

Tide the hedgehog

Ana the cat

Delilah the cat

Neptune the hedgehog(fav)

Carmen the Angel(fav)

Lenele the cat(fav)

Dean the hedgehog(fav)

sherry the hedgehog(fav)

Rider the hedgehog(fav)

Lighting the hedgehog(fav)

Gwen the Vampire Kitty(Main o.c.)

There's more but I'm tired so yeah....