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Ok so, My name is Maia, Im 11 and from Canada. I used to draw lots of Anime characters, but now I'm into: Pokemon, Chaos etc. Im not the best animator, im still learning though. I dont have lots of motivation either, and im super lazy. My two o.cs are: Cass. Shes a girl

(chao) and actually my friend made her for me for my O.C Contest. My other one come from inspiration of a girly girl(chao too :D). I havn't really drawn her in many MVs or such, but I will soon. Infact, shes gonna be my new main o.c. Shes a girl and has a bow on her head :3 Cass and Lilly(girly girl) are best friends.

Im probs the worst DSi drawer in the whole universe, I'm amazing on paper, amazing at drawing feathered wings on paper, and drawing pokemon on paper. Im really interested about an anime show which some of my anime motivation comes from.I talk fluent french (frenchimmersion dB) Mostly all you need to know about me on hatena ;D