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My name is Kylie. I am 15 years old. I love any video games made by Nintendo, Sega, or Square Enix. I love to read, draw, play video games, listen to music and write my own books.

When I joined Hatena, I wanted to be popular. However, 3 years later, I realize that I can make a difference in Hatena, popular or not. I pray that God can use me to help this place be better (yes, I'm religious).

Some of my famous works are (or were) my series LoZ: Subspace in Hyrule, Journey: Hatena, and Holo Guardians. My new projects are Black Feather, Secret of Mana (one of my fave games) and maybe a new Sonic series.


Game: LoZ: Majora's Mask

Book: Leaving (Karen Kingsbury)

Movie: Cyberbully

Musical: Phantom of the Opera

Food: Ice cream


200 fans-achieved

500 fans-unachieved

1,000 fans-unachieved

5,000 fans-unachieved

150,000 stars-unachieved

200,000 stars-unachieved

500,000 stars-unachieved

1,000,000 stars-unachieved

25 green-unachieved

5 red-unachieved

5 blue-unachieved

1 purple-unachieved (like I'll ever get one!)

I pray that as long as I'm here, I can be able to shine in God, and I don't care if you hate me. I love God, and He loves everyone!