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Hi is me Luis Angel :3 aim on flipnote everyday let me tell you about me i love pokemon games i have pokemon diamond pokemon platinum and pokemon heart gold if you want to battle me here is my friend code 1591 6554 1711 wish you luck because aim WAY STRONG!!!

Name: Luis Angel

Age: 10

Contry: why you care XD

Lenguage: Spanish English

Birthday: 15 March(Pisis)

Likes:Drawings New Friends Pancake XD pokemon sonic and mario

Hates:bad people chocolate X3 cheaters stealers violence

Favorite videogame: pokemon platinum super smash bros brawl and melee mario games and sonic games

Favorite music: DOWN seven rings in hand

Favorite pokemon: kabuto and my invented pokemon Electro

Friends Coming SOON now i have many friends XD

The informacion about electro

Electro Electric Cat Pokemon

Rare cat that it doest seen from this world is unklown it haves blue wings a yellow diamond in his head and giant hair in his fore head





yes i have one


Gender: Male

Powers: Electric Bird


God bless to all