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Welcome to my account!!

My name is Redzilla. Ill try to make flipnotes with a ton of characters in them. Pokemon, stick figures, Mario, and Potter Pupet Pals. My favorite flipnotes to make are music videos. Something you should really know about me... I like pie.

I don't really care if you steal my flipnotes. I won't report you either. Actually, I think the more my flip is stolen, the better it is. By the way, I check every comment at least once a month, so if you want to be blocked, just leave a comment. And also, I will fave you if you ask. I like pie. XD

Warning, personal information no one will care about: I am thirteen years old, as of two months ago. My real name is Shane, and I live in Arizona. My moto is "Lick lick goes the hippo". Pi is 3.14159265... I think. Did I mention I like pie.

Status: Hungry

My flipnote goals:

Fans: 10,000

Stars: 3,000,000


Puppies: 1000

Purple stars: 1

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Mr. Dept