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I love music that the modern world isn't more exposed to. For example, my favorite bands in the whole universe right now is Gorillaz (it's in my name!), and The Runaways. My second fave would have to be Rooney, they're really cool. Random other favorites are Aqualung, Mutemath, Blur, Grizzly Bear, Little Dragon, Elastica, Damon Albarn (he doesn't create solo music, but he is featured in many songs including Too Late by Scratch feat. Damon Albarn and Talib Kweli, Every Season by Tony Allen feat. Damon Albarn, Feel Free by Kano feat. Damon Albarn, etc. He is the lead singer of Blur (in the 90s), an unnamed band that's mostly known by their album "The Good, the Bad, and the Queen", and Gorillaz),and many more that

you probably haven't heard of if you haven't seen my flips.

I encourage people to go beyond what the modern world thinks is "music" and see what you can discover. An example is that I discovered Gorillaz from playing Just Dance for wii which had their song "Dare" on it. Another is that I discovered Rooney from a (don't laugh) Nancy Drew movie. Their song "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" (which is in my top ten favorite songs hehe) was played at the end of the movie. So, I looked up the Nancy Drew Movie soundtrack and found the song. All of my favorite songs were found randomly. Trust me, I don't sit in front of the computer all day looking for new songs to put on my iPod or watch stupid shows like Glee (no offense to fans, but I hate Glee), the songs sorta just, I guess, come to me, which then makes the music more special.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say. Don't follow the crowd and pretend to like people like Ke$ha or Justin Bieber (which there's nothing wrong if you do), venture out and find the music that really suits YOU, not everybody else.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.