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How do I put this..,I'm leaving Hatena.

I have made amazing friends,who I will continue to talk to and people who just.. radiate kindness.

But it hasn't been sunshine and lollypops.

I have talked to people who are so ignorant and just plain mean that I wanted to slam my DSI on the floor.

People who I befriended and ignored me, making everything awkward.

I have lost my DSI now for about 2 months and there is no sign of it,but if I find it I will be making 3 more flipnotes.

"Imma punch you in the face"-A clip from Eddsworld-25% done

A medium sized flipnote story thingy-..I don't even know myself

Still Fighting It-Ben Folds. The last chorus is just AMAZING!! My goodbye flipnote.

Well then,I was gonna end this on a corny note,but....yeah.


the awkward turtle formery know as Nollaig.

See you,my awkward turtles.


Age is but a number........... lolz


January 8 whoo!!


TV Shows liked Scrubs :P
Games liked Professah Layton!!!!
People liked Everyone :P
Animals liked Doogs
Movies liked You can't beat Austin Powas!!!!