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Hi, my name is GG. I spend most of my time drawing either on Hatena or on paper. I have lots of fans, and I love them all. Without them, my flips would suck. That's why you guys are so important to me. Also, I love making Series, Like: School girlz, emo love, image of love, woozy,Teenage life, lost,innocent love, scary stories, AND MY FAVE: Lots of lipstick! Please add stars to my series and other stuff. My favorite creators are goldoFTo,Kasdeya(OH-gumdrop),and silveroFTo. I love you all! Wish me good luck! Also, I love to swim,draw, and sing! Drawing is my favorite hobby! Especially, on Hatena! So, if you're one of my fans, please tell all your friends who have a Hatena account, about my account and flips! It will make me feel good to have such wonderful fans! I am thinking about making these flips on music and the lyrics. So, whenever you go to my account, leave a comment saying the song and the singer so I can make a flip about that, AND get more popular! You get music, I get stars! So, We both get what we want!

I get to use my 3ds everyday, but I have to wait until the update for flipnote hatena, WHICH ENTERS IN MAY! I can't wait to start making flipnotes again! I really miss all my fans! I will change this intro when the update comes out, so yeah. I used to have like 6,000 stars. But now, I have like +157,000! I love all my fans for adding stars to all my flips! TTYL! ADD STARS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL MY FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GoldoFTo is my best friend in Hatena, she has been SUPER nice to me since We started talking in Hatena. Im always watching her flips cause they are pretty awesome! TTYL AGAIN :)

Enjoy my flips and leave comments, TTYL AGAIN! :)

Here are my goals:

1. Get at least 200,000 stars

2. Get at least 500 fans

3. Get at least 500 comments

ALL that before the end of the year! I know it's alot, but Im getting pretty good on my flipnotes! Love you, bye!

Self introduction

Im nice, funny, and smart. Once you meet me, you will love me. :)